Kamis, 24 September 2015


Finally there will be an update about the level cap in RO from 150/50 to 175/60. Therefore, this blog will be on hiatus until i'm too bored to grind my Assassin. Until then, ciao.

Rabu, 16 September 2015

105 Dead Men's Debt

The monsters in Shadow Dungeon is hard. Died so many times in there to fulfill the request of Kane. And the reward is so disappointing.
When i entered the Berkel Monestary, the enemies in there are still at level 46.
Now i'm still trying to get a better armor/talisman by quest. maybe after that i'll try the shadow dungeon again.
My char has reached level 105, and now killing anything just don't give more experience. So i guess this is the level cap.

Is there any of you like military sci-fi?? I have a recommendation for you to read, the Poor Man's Fight series by Elliot Kay. The third book is almost done and the author give a sneak peek for the first chapter. You can visit his website here : http://elliottkay.com/

Selasa, 15 September 2015

Look out!! There's a Doppelganger!!

Here are the list of Fusion recipes that i got from the machine that think itself as a god (Lonely Plains):
Black Uniform
Leather Armor, Lv 97
4 Mithril, 44 Magic Cloth, 2 Supreme Jewel

Wing Boots
Shoes, Lv 97
4 Mithril, 44 Magic Cloth, 2 Supreme Jewel

Alloy Shield
Shield, Lv 97, Def 369->1109(+10)
VIT 24, Shield Block Rate 4.3%, Crit Resist 4.0%
4 Mithril, 44 Magic Cloth, 2 Supreme Jewel

The people from Shadow Tribe came to get Kiyan back, but he refused, because of the urge to remember something that was forgotten. So the stranger give him a piece of swordblade and tell him to go to end of the Forest where the Elven Sanctuary is located. The name of the map is not Elven Sanctuary but Noxious Sanctum. It is filled with Shadow Tribe and you will fight Darius and Portia. There are merchants here and before that, another Fusion Machine with a personality problem :

Noxious Sanctum Fusion Machine
Ancient Armor
Plate Armor, Lv 99
4 Mithril, 45 Magic Cloth, 2 Supreme Jewel

Samurai Helmet
Helm, Lv 99
4 Mithril, 25 Magic Cloth, 2 Supreme Jewel

Drake Wings
Cloak, Lv 99
4 Mithril, 25 Bloody Fur, 2 Supreme Jewel

After the merchants, Kiyan will meet his doppelganger and it's tough to beat. Mid fight, it will change into a big head with Evil written on it. After defeating it, it was revealed that it was all in his head. (But the Fusion Machine is real, and the mysterious swordblade also exist). A Boss Treasure Box also appears.

Kiyan wake up with Eara at his side, then they walk up the lake searching for Shin. There's nothing special here, just some high level monsters. My mistake is that i just zoomed by them, looking for merchants or fusion machine. Suddenly the Shadow Tribe appears, and there's a plot twist. There's no fight here so just enjoy the scenario.

A credit screen will start rolling but don't worry. The game is not over yet. We will be thrown back to the Berkel Empire's Capital, but someone tell Kiyan yet again that this was all in his head. Anyway, there are some quests here, the monsters are replaced with more high level ones, and the Fusion Machines at Shadow Hall still gives the same recipes as before so don't bother to do it.

Minggu, 13 September 2015

Well, Whaddayanaw, There Is A Fusion Machine In The Elven Sanctuary!

More good news, there are even merchants here. But still, the Fusion Machine and the Merchants are located deep within the Sanctuary so if you don't bring any Lamp from the Mist Village, you'll be quite confused in organizing your bag. Luckily i found more lamp dropped by the monsters here and i already bought the Infinity Bag.

Speaking about the Infinity Bag, now i can't open the online shop. I don't know what's the problem, but i don't think i can collect more free diamonds by logging in every day.

Some monsters here dropped Transcendent Flower, Palpitant Crystal, Supreme Armor Scroll, Advanced Scroll, and Supreme Dice. But at my level, 100, even Supreme Dice is useless. Maybe i should get a Chaos Dice to achieve better stats. If you call the Lamp Dealer, they also sell Supreme Armor Scroll if you're lucky. Until now, i only get Supreme Weapon Scroll from a quest.

Here are the equipment given as quest rewards:
Wiseman's Ring
Ring, Lv 97
INT 16, MEN 18, Hit Rate 4.4%, MP Inc 18

Durable Guardian Foot's Shoes
Shoes, Lv 95, Def 53
Weapon Block Rate 3.2%

Barbaric Bone Necklace
Talisman, Lv 69
VIT 11, Hit Rate 2.8%, Eva Rate 2.2%, HP Absorp 0.6%

A monster also dropped a Purple bow
Wind Conqueror's Bow
Bow, Lv 97, Dmg 275, M Dmg 275
DEX 23, VIT 29, Crit Dmg Inc 17.5%, Wind 9.0% (what's this?)

The bad news is that so far i can't find any treasure box or even a well.

Back to the Fusion Machine. This time, the Fusion Machine will give armor and weapon recipes. In total, i already collected 9 recipes. Too bad that i didn't get the recipe for a shield. Here are the recipes :
Soul Destroyer
Axe, Lv 95, Dmg 229, M Dmg 229 -> Dmg 274, M Dmg 274(+9)
STR 15, VIT 11, Zealot 20.0% (What's this?)
8 Mithril, 25 Leather, 2 Supreme Jewel

Hell Guider
Dagger, Lv 97, Dmg 147, M Dmg 161 -> Dmg 193, M Dmg 212 (+11)
Crit Rate 6.3%, Crit Dmg Inc 9.4%, DEX 15
8 Mithril, 25 Leather, 2 Supreme Jewel

Death Wind
Bow, Lv 97
8 Mithril, 25 Leather, 2 Supreme Jewel

East Blade
Longsword, Lv 98
8 Mithril, 25 Leather, 2 Supreme Jewel

Two Handed, Lv 98, Dmg 300, M Dmg 285 ->Dmg 328, M Dmg 311(+4)
STR 14, VIT 30, Hit Rate 15.7%
8 Mithril, 25 Leather, 2 Supreme Jewel

Inotia Fire
Crossbow, Lv 98
8 Mithril, 25 Leather, 2 Supreme Jewel

Fighter Bracers
Gloves, Lv 93
4 Mithril, 21 Magic Cloth, 2 Supreme Jewel

Golden Ring
Ring, Lv 93
4 Mithril, 24 Bloody Fur, 2 Supreme Jewel

Abyss Garb
Cloth Armor, Lv 94
4 Mithril, 43 Magic Cloth, 2 Supreme Jewel

By calling the lamp dealer repeatedly, i have enough jewels to make 3 weapons. I also bought enough Supreme Weapon Scroll to maximize the damage. This is necessary because the next fight will be against Alexander that will change into a dragon.

Alexander will be at Lv 100 and is alone but damnit so hard to beat. After changing into a dragon, he will summons some minions that can drop stuff like normal monster. By virtue of Lv 100 myself and my mercenaries, good equipments, and an adequate supply of Potions, Elixirs, and Res Scrolls, finally i was able to beat him. A Boss Treasure Box will show up after that.

After the fight, Eara and Kiyan will pass out. When Kiyan woke up, Eara is not with him. He was found alone in front of the Elven Sanctuary by a wandering knight and having memory loss. In this new chapter, a Fusion Machine who thinks itself as a god, will give new quests.

Sabtu, 12 September 2015

Please Welcome, Infinity Bag!!

Maybe because it's quite an old game, the free diamond button is disabled. When i clicked it, nothing happened. But when i clicked the remove ads button, immediately responded. I only get 30 diamond through logging in daily to the item shop, the button with the shopping cart picture between the save and the menu buttons.

Anyway, right now i have finished the Mist Village Quest. I'm sorry that i can't give the precise location of the Legendary Swords around here. If i'm not mistaken, there's about 3 Legendary Sword. My mistake is that i enter the final seal location. Not like the previous seals, which is in a cave, and we can return to the village, going to the Final Seal is by the way of teleportation. From the graveyard i was teleported directly to the Final Seal. The Boss fight here is not too difficult.

After the fight, the village disappeared and i was teleported to the Elven Sanctuary. The Village mayor's spirit and his wife will show up to give a Two Handed Sword.
Titanium Ancient Sword
Two Handed, Lv 90, Dmg 264, M Dmg 250
INT 36, VIT 28

There's a Boss Treasure Box, but i don't get anything special from it. The Bounty Hunter quest will give a helm as a reward
Senior Hunter's Helm
Helm, Lv 88, Def 112
Crit Rate 3.6%, VIT 19, MP Inc 17

I will post again when i find more interesting stuff in the Elven Sanctuary.

Jumat, 11 September 2015

Welcome to the Mist Village

Before reaching the Elven Sanctuary, you will meet a hunter that will help you to fix the bridge and tell you scary stories about the people that goes to search the sanctuary. In this part you can find a Legendary Sword and normal treasure boxes. The monsters still dropped Advanced Scrolls, and i find a Supreme Dice dropped in this area.

After crossing the bridge, you will find yourself in the Misty Forest. Finally you will reach the Mist Village with it's lethargic villagers. There's a Fusion Machine here. Halfway trough the quests in this village, i can only find some normal treasure boxes and a Legendary Sword.

Welcome to the Hotel California. After reaching here, you can't go back to the previous area.

Selasa, 08 September 2015

Finally, Snow Fey Village!

When you reached Snow Fey Village, there will be a Boss Treasure Box. To heal Eara, you will need to collect items from the monster in the surrounding forest. Then you will get a ring
New Culstem Ring, Lv 77
Eva Rate 3.0%, MP Regen 1

The next quest to make an antidote for Eara will bring you to meet the super annoying carp sage. Much patient is needed to deal with this character. After passing by the Minotaur and give the spring water to Eara, she will wake up. At this point, all subquest will be removed, so make sure all of your subquest are completed. But don't worry, after a lot of cutscene, you can still roam around the village. You will also be given an armor
Durable Elf Ghoul's Sheet Plate
Plate Armor, Lv 81, Def 562
VIT 16

Before giving the spring water to Eara, stop by to get the bounty reward :
Fist of Justice
Gloves, Lv 81, Def 51 (at +8 Def 195)
VIT 17, Crit Rate 3.8%, MP Inc 21

Some other Fey Will also give you quests. One of the reward is an equipment,
Durable Eternal Ice Gloves
Gloves, Lv 78, Def 45
Crit Rate 4.9%

The other quest rewards will include 2 Supreme Armor & Weapon Scrolls and 3 Improved Resurrection Scrolls.

Theres an Improved Treasure Box that spawned right in the east of Snow Fey Village, right in front of the cave to the Minotaur that guard the spring water. Unfortunately, this treasure box can only be opened but the content cannot be picked up. Maybe because the position is under the sprite of forest so even the sprite of the Treasure Box can't be seen.

This time, the Fusion Machine here also give me five weapon recipes.
Lance of Longinus
Two Handed, Lv 80, Dmg 249, M Dmg 236 (at +3 Dmg 270, M Dmg 256)
STR 17, VIT 20, Pendulum 9.0% (I don't know what this mean)
7 Mithril, 22 Leather, 1 Supreme Jewel

Staff of Nightmares
Staff, Lv 77, Dmg 160, M Dmg 208
INT 23, VIT 23, MP Inc 30
7 Mithril, 21 Leather, 1 Supreme Jewel

Crossbow, Lv 77
7 Mithril, 21 Leather, 1 Supreme Jewel

Elven Bow
Bow, Lv 78
7 Mithril, 21 Leather, 1 Supreme Jewel

Dragon Saber
Longsword, Lv 76, Dmg 168, M Dmg 134 (at +9 Dmg 204, M Dmg 163)
STR 16, Crit Rate 6.0%, Hit Rate 3.5%
7 Mithril, 21 Leather, 1 Supreme Jewel

Warning, if you get out of the village by the north passage, you CANNOT go back!!